Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Attempt #172 at tackling the mounting piles of laundry

1. wash clothes, dry clothes
2. haul an armload of dried clothes to room and plop them on the bed.
3. fold clothes, put shirts on hangers
4. do not immediately put away, instead leave them on bed
5. retreat to laundry room for more clothes
6. return to bedroom to find kids jumping on the bed and all of the previously folded clothes bounced onto the floor in heaps.
7. grab armloads of clothes off the floor in frustration and bring them to the right bedrooms
8. put clothes in drawers, in closets, etc.
9. return later to bedrooms only to see the kids have decided to play dress up with the entire contents of their dressers/closets.
10. back slowly out of room counting to ten. or twenty. or seven hundred ninety six.
11. leave clothes on floor.

Aha! It's all so clear when I look at it this way. From now on I think I'll go from step 1 straight to step 11... I'm not sure, but it just seems more efficient that way.

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