Monday, March 19, 2012

What month is this???

Because it needs to be documented, on March 19, we...

  • Set up the trampoline
  • Hung loads of sheets and blankets on the line
  • Got a slight sunburn
  • Hauled out the bikes
  • Took a little walk while the kids peddled those bikes
  • Ate frozen juice pops in the shade to cool off
  • Left the windows open all day to get the drab winter air out of the house
  • Wore flip-flops, shorts, and t-shirts
  • Began turning over the ground in the garden
  • Enjoyed every single moment of this summer day in March

Even if (or when) the snow falls again, I am so thankful for this thaw we've been experiencing for the past few days. It's like a spring vacation without having to leave home! Over the weekend we spent nearly every daylight hour outside, soaking up the sun, enjoying these days for what they are. It is so refreshing to look outside and not see massive snowbanks everywhere. Every spring when the snow begins to melt it's such a good feeling to know warmer days are ahead.

Temperatures are supposed to begin to drop into a more normal range for our area toward the middle to end of the week. But, oh did we enjoy this little taste of summer in the middle of March!