Monday, March 22, 2010

My monthly post

Apparently I'm going for a new blogging record here- how long can she go without posting? Alas, I decided to break my nearly three week hiatus and grace the blogging world with my presence once again. I know, I know- excitement abounds- your cheers are audible from here. Calm down already, will ya?

Anyways. Did I mention I only have five actual weeks of class yet? Oh. Now, might be the time to throw out my disclaimer of the month: If listening to me exlaim how many days/weeks are left bores you to tears you might want to stay away for a bit. Becuase the closer it gets, the more I'll most likely be informing everyone else. Whether you want to hear about it or not. Sorry. Can't help it. I'm insanely excited to put my schooling behind me.

Amongst the other headlines in this house... We had Adalie's baptism yesterday and had a fun afternoon visiting afterward. Such a beautiful day! This little girl is not such a little newborn anymore. She's seven weeks old, 11 pounds, and smiling and cooing more and more each day. We are loving having a cuddly baby in the house! Even when she does keep me awake half the night on my night before clinical... Ah, sweetheart.

Speaking of. She's waking up, so time to wrap this exciting post up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

These little moments...

... Are what keep me happy...
  • An afternoon spent wandering through stores, just me and my oldest daughter. Good conversations, a little hand in mine. I love her perspective, the way she skips instead of walks, the spontaneous songs she invents for anything and nothing in particular. She suddenly she seems so old- how did this happen? But oh, how I love these special moments!
  • A quiet walk as the sun was setting after my kids were in bed this evening. Beautiful sunset- perfect for reflecting and just letting my thoughts flow freely. A moment to step away from being a mother, to breathe, and then to return home feeling refreshed.
  • An imperfect house. There are blocks on the bathroom floor and boots under the living room chair. There are dolls in the baby's swing, and a puzzle half finished on the floor... And three soundly sleeping children tucked in their beds upstairs. They are content.
  • The sunshine that crept across the living room floor all afternoon until the long shadows of the evening carried it away. So refreshing to feel the warmth of that sun and to know spring will come. It might not be for some time yet, but each day of sun makes it feel closer and closer.
  • A baby who fits so perfectly into my arms, who's breath against my neck is like little butterfly wings, who's gaze makes me feel like we're sharing a secret no one else is allowed to know.

... and that is today. In between it all, there are are simple little reasons to smile. Some days it's just harder than others to find them- sometimes they hide too well. But usually when you find one good thing, the others just fall in line.

Life is good like that.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks, Sis.

Jack came home from my sister's house today with a box of 445 hockey cards. Don't ask me where she purchased such a pack from, but it made for a happy three year old. And yes, she was grinning when she handed them over.

It all started when my sister asked Lydia if she wanted to take a comic home (because- for a little girl who can't yet read- she loves comics. Don't ask me about that one either). Anyways, that set Jack off. In his overtired, burnt out state he snatched up the nearest thing he could get his hands on- a toy truck- and declared that he wanted to take that home. I vetoed that. He threw a fit. Hold up. That's a bit too mild... Let's try- he started wailing and screaming and became this little monster that would not be reasoned with.

Until... my sis comes up with this pack of hockey cards for him to take instead. She told him he could give some to his buddies to which he took to heart. When we got home he said, "I have to give some to my friends." Then, he took a handful of them to bed with him, begrudgingly parted with one for his little sister, and asked if someone could play hockey cards with him tomorrow. Yes, he thinks they're a game.

My prediction? By 9:30 a.m. tomorrow there will be, oh... about 445 hockey cards flying around the living room. The good news? I have a fresh container of Colombian coffee sitting on my counter. It's all good.