Monday, March 31, 2008

This is MY coffee break.

It's late Monday morning in my house and for the moment things are somewhat quiet. Lydia & Jack are playing with blocks while the baby is lying next to me on the couch. And I'm attempting my first blog.

I've wanted to do this for awhile- just to get my thoughts out. I don't even forcast anyone reading this besides myself, but I just feel like writing. I've always loved writing and I don't proclaim to be any good at it, but to me it's the easiest way to connect with my thoughts. (Blah, blah, blah.) When I see them written out, things feel more clear. So if you've stumbled upon this blog by chance, beware: it's probably going to mainly contain ramblings of my life as a mom.

Today I plan to get some homework done while the kids nap. I haven't had school for two weeks and I still have this week free. I'm a part time student taking tele-courses, so as it works out I ended up with three weeks for spring break. Can't complain about that- too bad I didn't have somewhere warm to go! Or the money to get there...

Maybe a little background would be helpful? My husband and I are both college students. We're both going for nursing. I started part time this year and he starts the full time program this coming fall. We have three little kids- Lydia is 3.5, Jack is almost 2, and Hannah 7 weeks. Right now life is busy, but I know it's going to get much busier. Next fall should be the true test!

For now, we're just moving along- one day at a time. Lots of patience, lots of hugs, lots of coffee. The journey has only begun.