Monday, April 7, 2008

Wow, I'm not so good at this...

And here I thought if I started a blog I'd write on it daily! Oh well. That's the beauty of it- there's no deadline, no limit, no set minimum.

Class started up again tonight... After three weeks off, I was actually ready to go back. I looked forward to the night out- even if was for Pharmacology class. Pathetic? For me, it's just a good reminder that there are other areas of my life than just being a mother. At one point in my life I thought I wanted to only be a stay at home mom. It took me awhile to learn that I could break that rule and that as a result... My kids would be better off. I love my children. I love the funny things they say, the neck-breaking hugs they give, the way thier little hands fit in mine... But, I also realize now- it's okay for me to have a job, too. It's okay for me to have something I do one or two days a week that has nothing to do with my job as a mother. With little breaks, I tend to return calm, refreshed, and ready to be a happy mom.

I think I've been quick to add in a disclaimer every time I tell someone I'm going back to school with three little kids at home. "It's only one day a week," I blurt... "Really, really part time. Really," I add before they can say anything... The thing is (and this just sounds like one more way to justify) I would never leave my kids if I was leaving them in daycare or anything like that. When I go to class, they're with my husband. If they can't be with my husband, they're with their grandparents... or my sister... or nieces. We're blessed with a close family and if I had to leave my children with strangers, I wouldn't be doing this. When I'm through with school, it will be something I can always fall back on. And I don't think I'll ever regret getting an education- no matter how much- or little- I use it.

Okay. Enough rambling for tonight. My thoughts seem to be coming faster than I can figure out how to explain them.

Go for your dreams.

Good night.

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