Friday, September 25, 2009

Here it goes...

One of the added bonuses of being a student means sitting in germ-infested desks and catching undesirable bugs. I'm taking it easy today- I've been plowed over by a cold and I'm hoping to knock it out fast with Vitamin Cs and Zinc because tomorrow is the big test out day in lab and Monday starts our clinicals. (Had orientation last week, now it's the real thing.)

The next five weeks are going to get a bit crazy. At least Ryan and I have opposite clinicals so he's able to be home with the kids on my clinical days and then I'll be home when he has his clinicals. I'm already looking forward to my clinicals being done and his beginning because I'll only have one day of classes at that point. So the last six weeks of the semester should be much. Easier. To deal with.

On a brighter note, we saw some beautiful fall colors on our drive to I******d yesterday- a good added bonus of having to make that drive every Thursday. I have to remember to take my camera along next week.

Well, the kids have broken into the stash of paper bags and are filling them at alarming paces with toys and treasures. Jack's lugging around five of them himself. Lydia's single bag consists of a pile of dress-up clothes that she scored from her auntie's house the other day (my sister found a huge bag of dress up dresses, shoes, crowns and wands for $2 at garage sale!) So for the past couple of days I've had a princess teetering around on plastic heels over here.

OOh. The kids are in for a treat today. I just was telling Jack- for the third time- not to monkey with the vacuum cleaner cord and I felt my voice giving out. Something tells me it's only going to get worse from here.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mental Health for Moms

Note to self:
Do NOT make an ooey-gooey chocolate covered concoction that my husband with the decidedly missing sweet tooth declares he could 'take or leave' and my kids don't really particularly care for on the same week that I have a big test coming up. Because, as one might imagine, that leaves me to dig through the pan, bar-by-bar, inch by inch until all of the sudden I find myself starring at my reflection in the bottom of my 9x13 declaring in mock-horror, "Who ate all these? I just made them yesterday!?" as if I might convince anyone within earshot that I had nothing to do with helping them dissappear.

Then again... It does help those mental health terms sink in a little better for the upcomming test. For example:

Denial: the refusal to acknowledge the existance of a real situation or the feelings associated with it. As in There's no way I could have eaten all of them by myself. Someone else must have had some.

Displacement: the transferring of feelings from one target to another that is considered less threatening or neutral. While stressing for an upcoming test, the student decided to take out her frustrations on the innocent pan of scotcharoos.

Projection: attribution of feelings or impulses unacceptable to one's self to another person. The individual 'passes the blame' for these undesirable feelings or impulses to another providing releif from the anxiety associated with them. i.e. Really, if someone else would have eaten these with me I wouldn't have consumed half the pan by myself!

Rationalization: attempt to make excuses or formulate logical reasons to justify unacceptable feelings or behaviors. Hah. hahahah. I don't normally eat like this. It's only because I'm studying for this test, you see.

And so on and so forth. You get the picture. You see... It really was all part of my plan to help me learn these therms afterall. Ahem.

Enjoy your day. I'll be enjoying whats left of the scotcharoos.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lack of sleep & heavy pigs

Whose smart idea was it to only make enough coffee for me to have two cups this morning? Or... In other words...What was I thinking? Ugh. Lately I've been unable to sleep well- not really too shocking- but last night I thought I'd get to bed at a decent hour. So, I was exhausted by 10:00, went upstairs to read for awhile- and around 11:00 as I'm just about to fall asleep- the phone rings downstairs. And of course, I didn't make it down in time.

Well. For reasons I shall not go into in great depth- except to say that during a lightening storm something happened with the phone wire that runs into the kitchen and apparently this is not something my husband deems a real neccesary item to fix- my answering machine is in my basement. In the darkest, most spider-filled, dirtiest corner of our one hundred year old basement. And my husband was working the night shift.

As anyone does, I hate when the phone rings so late at night. Well, there wasn't a great chance that I was going to be creeping down into the basement to see if whoever it was left a message, but all sorts of interesting and horrible scenarios began to clutter my mind. Multiplied by the fact that I was the only adult in the house.

So, I called my husband several times, trying to get ahold of him to see if it was him calling. No answer. By this point I was wide awake, jittery, and well past the point of feeling like I could easily fall back asleep. Finally, closer to midnight, my husband calls and says it was him calling, but that he got busy at work right after he called and couldn't return my calls right away. Understandable and not his fault. But there went my plan of getting to sleep at a good hour.

That brings me to this morning. Foggy and sleep-deprived. And laughing because I just overheard Lydia telling Hannah as she hoisted her up, "You're one heavy pig!" Hello? A heavy pig?

Lots of stuff to get done today: studying for a test, finishing an autobiography, and hopefully getting a start on the several chapters I need to get read by Thursday. And later today- which I'm looking forward to, which should propel me through the day- a fun evening with Lydia. Every once and awhile (very rarely, actually) we go out for a "girl's night". Basically consists of Wal-mart, the Dollar Store, and maybe ice cream. But, I love those times- even if it's something that's only happened a time or two in the past year.

Haha, groan. Now they're naming their toy horses after their grandparents and hanging them upside down by the legs. Jack just exclaimed in great mock-horror, "Grandpa B. fell down!!!" Oh, boy.

I must get moving, the morning is slipping away. Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another beautiful fall morning

Ah, man, I missed it. I was aiming for a post at 9:09 on 09-09-09. No, not really, just thought of it right now after I talked to my mom who said someone was getting married this morning at that time. Funny.

Well, we've jumped into fall. School started last week and despite my several mini-panic attacks in the days leading up to it, I think it will go okay. The schedule isn't bad and so far the workload seems manageable. Oooh, I just set myself up for things to get a whole lot worse, didn't I? Despite all that I debated all last week if I should be going or not. That's just me adjusting to change.

My kids- the ones I worry about the most with me going to school- love it. They get to spend Thursdays at Grandma's house because we both have to be gone. They can't wait to get there, and even after several hours there, they're not ready to leave.

Did I ever tell you what Lydia told me on the way home from church one day? We were sitting in the grocery store parking lot, waiting for Dad to pick up some lunch and she pipes up from the back seat, "Mom, are there any other Moms we could have?"

"You mean, instead of me?" I asked.

"Well. Yeah."

Huh. So she thought she could just trade me in that easily. Just to be safe I took her and Jack for Icees that afternoon and when I asked her after that if I was okay then she said I was. Woo-hoo! Got me a little worried there for a moment.

Anyways, one of my kids just tapped the Publish Post button and I wasn't exactly done rambling so I suppose I should add on my edit here and be done with it. My coffee pot is calling and I think I need to oblige.