Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Promise To My Children

Today I will look right away when you say, “Mommy, watch me!”
I will let you splash in the bathtub until you are ready to get out.
Today I will not hurry you along when you show your growing independence
by climbing into the van and into your own seat by yourself.
I will let you pick out your own clothes, even if it doesn’t match.
I will not scold you for little things like forgetting to pick up your blocks,
and I won’t ask you to “go play” when you want to help me cook supper.
Today I will sit down with you on the floor and play with your toys with you.
You can show me how.
I will let you play with your play-doh even if it makes a mess all over the kitchen.
I will read “one more” story when you ask me to instead of rushing off to something else.
Today I will not worry about getting the clothes washed, the dishes done, the floor swept.
Instead, I will spend that time listening to you.
I will take the time to really see the way your eyes light up when you’re excited,
the way your smile comes so naturally.
Today I will not get annoyed if you spill your cereal all over the table at breakfast,
and I will not tell you once to, “hurry up.”
I will let you take your time and I will learn to slow down with you.
I will remember that the lessons I learn from you are just as important
as anything I can ever teach you.
I will cherish the little moments that make today so beautiful instead of
thinking of tomorrow or next week or next month.
And tonight, when I check in on you before I go to bed,
I will linger a moment or two longer and just listen to you breathe.
I will notice how your eyelashes gently curl against your soft, rounded cheeks,
how your little arm curls around your blanket, hugging it securely to your chest.
And I will know tomorrow I will try to do the same as I did today.
This is my promise to you.
Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful. You should try to get it published. ~Brita Haapala

Anonymous said...

Sarah!!!!! I have tears...this is beautiful!
Tina H.

Sarah said...

Thanks. I wrote it after a not-so-great day. Reminds me what's important. :)