Thursday, April 17, 2008

Learning to slllooowww down

I completely enjoyed my evening out last night... I did tell Ryan, by the way, that I was heading out to spend money- not to earn it- as I hurried off to Walmart. It wasn't even so much that I needed anything, really, I just needed to get out of the house. And my only complaint was that it went by all too quickly. Anyways... it brought me back refreshed and feeling like I could get some things accomplised around this house- it's in despearte need of some spring cleaning.

Well, that feeling lasted from about 11:00 a.m.- when Hannah finally went for a morning nap- till 11:45 when I went down to make lunch for everyone. Huh. Guess that's not too good considering what this house needs is hours of attention.

As life goes on, I'm learning that holding a baby is more important right now than having a clean rooms or all the laundry washed, dryed and folded neatly in drawers. With this third baby, I'm finding it easier to sit and hold her and not feel as though I have to get everything else done. I know now how quickly they turn into busy little toddlers, so I'm just enjoying these times when she'll cozy up in my arms and sleep. Because all too quickly it's over and they won't sit still for a minute. I must enjoy these beautiful moments in life or what is it really worth?

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