Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's on it's way...

Oh, yes I did! Pulled the first you better be good because Santa's makin' his list warning. And provided a refresher course for the younger crowd that needed some reminding about the whole naughty versus nice thing equaling presents or not. And you thought I was going to talk about my month and  half blog break. Yah.

It was only fitting, though (the Santa thing), as I pulled out winter gear this evening in anticipation for our supposed first snow of the year. Apparently boots are in high demand over here this year. I keep hoping I'm going to pull out one last bin of winter stuff and miraculously the sizes I need are going to appear. But, no. Oh well. Squish the toes in, kiddos, you will survive for now! If we get the snow that's coming that is. I'm always skeptical until the first snowflakes actually fly.

Actually I won't mind some snow. I never mind it this time of year. I've been listening to Christmas music for over a month now, so it's really only fitting to have some white stuff to accompany it. Plus, maaaaaybe it will get me moving to work on some Christmas sewing projects that I've been thinking about. Maybe this will be the year I actually sew some stockings for the kids. Hah. I say that every year. But I've got a really good feeling about this one. (I say that too).

Anyways, while I was at it, I issued out another warning tonight: Any Halloween candy left out tonight is gone. The all week sugar buzz has gotten out of control by about five days. For them and me. Last Tuesday I offered to buy their candy bags from them just to clear the stuff out, but no one took me up on my offer. Until about, Saturday, when Hannah (who was nearing the bottom of hers) decided she was just about ready to sell hers. Should have still taken her up on it because somehow she dragged it out till today. And a couple of my kids? Well, how about we say they don't handle sugar too well. Like me. I get real ugly when I get too much of that poison! Be gone with it! Enough is enough!

I'm living on the edge tonight- staying up so late and all. Since the time change I seem to have (temporarily of course) lost my ability to stay up past 10:30. Not that I should have any good reason to stay up past 10:30 when I'm up at 6:30, but, eh. House is just so blissfully quiet this time of night. Hate to waste it. I'm not the only one that needs to adjust to the time change either. My kids still go to bed at 7-ish but now instead of waking at 7-ish they've made 6 a.m. the new 7. Yay. Thrilled about them running around the house a whole hour before they really need to be waking. But such is life.

So really though. Now that you've lived through all the excitement of this long overdue blog post I guess I'll call it a night. Maybe you'll see from me again before December? Or maybe I'll be too busy blasting the Christmas tunes, whipping my house in order, and sewing all those stockings. Hah.