Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pretty Flower

This beautiful flower is one of three now blooming on a plant I got two years ago. To keep a plant alive for two years is quite the accomplishment for me. I nearly killed the thing last summer- neglected it tragically- forgot to water it, let it sit in the window with blazing hot afternoon sun beating down on it... let the leaves get wilted and the soil parched. Never bloomed once last summer. And then this past winter, I felt pity on it (I'm not one who keeps plants, by the way- typically in my hands once they begin to wilt I lose my patience and get rid of the thing altogether...) Nevertheless, I watered the thing and gave it fertilizer and... Ta-Da! This is it now. Beautiful. And one more sign that spring is here.

We took the kids for a walk over to my sister's today- it was a perfect day to be outside. Had a fun visit over there and then headed back home. Nice, relaxing, Sunday afternoon before the start of another busy week.

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