Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just another Wednesday

  • Hannah woke up at 7:15, smiling and ready to start the day
  • I managed to make it until 8:30 before I had a cup of coffee.
  • then I had six
  • I was supposed to go give a massage tonight, but she cancled
  • I might not inform my husband that she cancled... heheh
  • My temper is getting shorter as the day gets longer
  • Ryan doesn't come home for lunch today which makes the day seem even longer
  • It looks beautiful outside, but I wouldn't know because I have yet to step out
  • Today is not one of those days where I feel I'm handling this adjustment to three kids well
  • Today is one of those days where I desperately need my kids to nap
  • because it's 1:00 and I have yet to shower
  • I'm still not sure what I think of having a blog that anyone can read...
  • I still haven't even told anyone I have a blog so, thusfar I'm the only one who knows about it
  • I just talked to my mom who's making the trip to visit my sister today
  • Wish I could be in the ride too
  • Wow
  • I sound like a crab!
  • which I am
  • but that's just today, I guess

1 comment:

Karen AMH said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!
Thanks for sharing!!! When our once-a-week coffees aren't enough, I can still catch what's going on in your life.... sweet! :)