Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby Carrier?

I'm sitting here online while ALL THREE CHILDREN ARE SLEEPING. Did you hear that correctly? This is a monumental moment because it never happens in this house during the afternoon hours. Lydia takes a nap, like, once a month. I don't really expect her to nap anymore because she does sleep about 12 hours at night and she is three... But still... I try to get her to take "quiet time" every afternoon when Jack goes for his nap. And today- She. Fell. Asleep. And the baby's been sleeping all afternoon too!

Anyways, I've been researching baby carriers for awhile now. I'm undecided if I should attempt to make a Mei Tai (I've seen some patterns online but I'd probably design it myself) or if I should just throw down the money and order an Ergo. I know the Ergo would be awesome- I've read enough positive reviews to convince me- but, I'm draggging my feet at spending the money. I have a Moby Wrap right now and I really like it- extremely comfortable, but I've heard they aren't as usefull when the baby gets heavier... And at the rate my little one is gaining, I'm thinking by mid-summer it won't be as comfortable. I'd really like something I can wear comfortably when I'm pushing the other two in the stroller (I've decided against the triple jogger that I mentioned before). And I want it to be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods... Like if we take a walk to the park and the kids play for awhile. So, I'm still researching. And debatging.

This morning we were met with more snow- a "blizzard" they're saying. Hmm.. Happy April 11th, huh?

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