Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring IS going to arrive this year!

And just when I thought winter was going to completely push me over the edge... Just when I was begining to realize that one more day cooped up inside was going to make all of us crazy... Spring arrived. Well. I'm not sure it's bloomed in all it's beauty, but at least we are having a beautiful day- somewhere around 55 degrees- and the forcast is for another one tomorrow. Yes, as far as I'm concerned- that is beautiful. In my opinion, that's spring.

I don't think I've ever been so ready for the snow to melt. Other years I've anxiously awaited spring, but nothing like this year. This year I seriously cannot wait much longer for warm weather, sunshine, and open windows. And the ability to let the kids go out and play in the backyard by themselves. I now understand what mom meant when she'd say, "Go out and play." My kids have been so bored lately and I've just been waiting to say those words as much as they've been waiting to hear them.

Lydia went outside for a little while this afternoon by herself and just that 20 minutes or so brought her back refreshed and happy. Not to mention what it did for me to have a mini-break. I love my children, but some days... hmm.

So here's to better moods, sunburned noses, and the smell of fresh dirt... to mud boots, green grass, all the newness spring brings to life!

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