Monday, November 24, 2008

For my not-so-little little girl

Today, Lydia turned four years old. (But, according to her she won't be four until tomorrow. Her party is tomorrow.) And, yes, she's having a party. Just a little one with three of her cousins, but in her mind it's the biggest bash of the year. She's been planning it since May when she went to one of her cousin's birthday parties. And... Part of me was thinking- she's too young for a party. She can wait till she's in school. And then I realized that life is way too short not to celebrate things like birthday parties. A fun afternoon with her cousins? What could be better.

At 4, Lydia is energy. She loves to run. Runs laps around the couch endlessly- instructing me to cheer, of course. Wakes up early, always asks where we're going today.

She can be a good helper- watches out for her little sister with such care, but has enough spunk in her for the three of them combined.

And she's drama. Lately she loves everything. Everyone. Every toy. Just loves them.

She is imagination. And I, of course, am fascinated how everything comes to life with her.

She is my cheerleader. It all started around the time of Mark & Emily's wedding. She was a flower girl and was swinging her little bouquet around when one of the heads fell off the tulip. It's okay, she quickly assured us, don't worry about it. And that's what she always tells me when something goes wrong- don't worry about it, mom. It will be fine. And, how true that is.

She is understanding. She loves her cousin Travis and wants him to stay for her birthday... Yet, when it's time for him to leave she yells from the kitchen, "See-ya, Travis!" then runs in the living room to play.

She is short tempered (like her mom), and determined (like her dad).

She is the first to remind me she's not little. Jack's little, Hannah's little, but she most definetly is not little. She's a big girl, the big sister, but to me... she will always be my little girl.

Happy Birthday, Lydia.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dashing though the Snow

Dashing through the house
In a very frenzied state
O’er the mess I go
Cringing all the way
Baby starts to cry
Supper starts to burn
Don’t know if I should laugh or cry
Or even be concerned

Oh, winter time, winter time
The kids are running wild
The snow falls down, all around
And I’m trying hard to smile
Winter time, winter time
Christmas will soon be here
Runny noses, missing boots
Almost brings me to tears

A day or two ago,
I thought we’d take a ride
It took us at least an hour
Just to get outside
The mittens, they were lost
One jacket wouldn’t zip
Soon everyone was crying
And I thought I might flip

Oh, winter time, winter time
The van was in a drift
Locks were frozen, hands were numb,
My thoughts began to shift
Count to ten, then count again
Not ready for this snow
The kids are yelling from the porch
They just want to go, OH!

Winter time, winter time
Love this time of year
Tell myself to just relax
As through the snow I steer
Oh, winter time, winter time
Another snowy morn
It’s just begun, another one
And I’m already worn.

Haven't gone MIA. Yet.

Really, I'm still here. Just haven't posted for awhile because life is catching up with me at the moment. Or I'm trying to catch up with life? End of the semester rolling in, tests, final clinicals, a craft show this weekend, and a slight addiction to watching eBay auctions (and losing because I have this idea that I'm somehow entitled to this awesome deal on bitty baby twins).

And, in case you live in some sort of bubble and are not aware- or you live somewhere where the temperature never goes below 65 (in which case I'd gladly trade places with you), the snow is here to stay. It's a mixture of feelings for me. Pretty, yes. A pain, no-kidding.

It's well into the morning and there's way too much to get done today. And something loud just crashed upstairs. Ah, Tuesday.

Monday, November 10, 2008

There's got to be a better solution

If you've ever dropped by my house unannounced, you might have wished you hadn't. Now... I always welcome unannounced visitors- don't want to scare anyone off- but you know those days when you'd like to throw a stack of disclaimers in the front porch that requires a signiture before entry? Something that states, Whatever I find inside this house, I will not disclose to any third parties. On any given day- that's me.

However. Today... (and maybe not three hours from now...) but right now at this moment- I'd like to hang a sign on my porch that says "Unnanounced visitors welcome." They thought that election last week was so historical? Well, this tops it. My house is unnatrually clean. This happens so rarely.

Of course, a few days from now when things are back to normal someone will stop by and I'll be scarmbling around the living room in my pajamas when Lydia announces, "Mom? Someone's coming here." Oh. And for the next thirty seconds I'll tear through the living room grabing anything in my sight while shouting orders to the kids to please do something!

Ah, it never fails. Not that I think flying around the living room on a rampage is going to convince anyone about to walk through those doors that I don't live in complete chaos... Nor do I believe that if someone did come over today they would honestly believe that's the way I live. That can no longer be disguised.

I never learn. Take the time about a year ago for exmple. Outside, the gas company was putting in new lines or something. It would stand to reason that any normal person might assume that they would need to come in the house... but me? Oh, no. Until the man knocks on my door and tells me he needs to go in the basement to shut the gas off. So, okay, the basement is not my territory, but still. I usher him to the basement steps only to discover the top step is so covered in junk it's nearly impossible to get past. And as I survey the rest of the stairs I discover that it's nothing more than an ankle-twisting narrow trail. Ugh. He went on his way and I hoped he'd make it out in one peice. A few minutes later, he returns and tells me he needs to check the gas stove in the kitchen. Haha. I'm sure I stood there stammering something like, "Uh. The kitchen... Um. Really? Like. Right now?" In my head I was mentally recalling the pot of cream of wheat that had boiled over, the cheerios that were litering the floor- crunching under every step. Ugggggh.

And, as I'm writing this, I know, I just know there are some who can relate and then there are some going, "Uh... Hm. Never seemed to have that problem."And then there are others who would just never admit it. I know you're out there. Or maybe that's just what I try to make myself think to feel better. Sigh. Such is life.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What I really meant to say...

I had a post all typed up. It had my true feelings about yesterday's election in it. And I even posted it for a few minutes. And then I deleted it. Because I have never gotten into politics on this blog (a decision I made months ago) and I decided right now is not the time to start.

The election is over, today is a new day. The sun forced it's way through gray clouds for a few mintues this morning- it's still there. The kids made me laugh today when we were eating lunch. My daughter looked at fish in Wal-Mart with her grandpa this afternoon. I talked to my sister on the phone this morning. My little boy gave me a hug a few minutes ago as he left for the grocery store with his dad. The point is: life goes on. We make the best out of the situation we are given and we go on.

And we are thankful for what we do have in this temporary life.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

After the Candy Attack

We took the kids to all of about 7 houses last night, but they got enough from the grandparents for me to raid their pails without feeling guilty.

As we got home last night, Lydia says, "I see candy when I close my eyes."

... And there you have it: a sucessfull night of trick-or-treating for a three-year-old.