Monday, April 21, 2008

A Tribute To a Dear Friend

If you know me, you know that I love my coffee. I drink way too much of the stuff... doesn't matter what time of the day- I can even have a cup at 10:00 at night and head up to bed an hour later- my Finnlander blood? My husband says that I might as well be hooked up to an I.V. that pumps the stuff in all day long. Well... This coffee cup here was a splurge in one of my weaker moments. My sisters, my mom, and I were shopping and I was roped into spending somewhere around $8 on this particular cup- we all did. A bit over the top? Well... That was approximately a month ago.

Then I fell in love with the thing. Since then it's the only cup I use. Laugh if you must, but's just the right shape to fit comfortably in my hand, it's so colorful and cheery, and it seems to me coffee just tastes better out of this cup. This cup has seen me through the early mornings with my children, and late nights studying for Pharm. It never judges me on how much coffee I drink, just keeps doing it's job.

Well, I was warming up coffee in it this afternoon (just hours after taking this endearing photo, I might add). So I stuck it in the microwave, waited patiently with my blueberry muffin- anticipating a steaming cup of coffee, and went to retrieve it when the time was up. And then... the unthinkable happened. The thing slipped right out of my hand and it was like those slow motion shots you see in T.V. commercials advertising a thicker paper towell or the last degreaser you'll ever need. I cringed and my beloved cup smashed into the unforgiving surface of the stove. So... Now my cup is left handle-less with a rather large chip on the rim and a crack weaving down one side.

The funny thing is- I have never before in my life speant that much on a coffee cup... And probably never will again. But, isn't that just the way it goes? I told my sisters when I bought it- this will be the one that breaks right away- and after it did I had to call them to take a poll on the survival rate of their cups... Of course theirs were still holding up just fine. Yah... You just wait. Some unsuspecting moment, you'll go to reach for your cup and... the next thing you know it, you'll be sweeping up the peices of the floor and kicking yourself for spending so much on it in the first place. Hah. I'm not bitter- I'm not.

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