Monday, April 28, 2008

A minute in my brain right now...

  • Is there a chance this house is going to get cleaned before next week?
  • Where are we going to sleep 10 extra people in this little tiny house?
  • Why did I wait till last minute to finish school work?
  • Will the baby sleep okay tonight?
  • Should I exercise or go straight to the homework?
  • We used to have stacks of towels. How do you lose towels?
  • Is Lydia going to actually cooperate for Emily's wedding?
  • Where, oh, where did I put Lydia's shoes for the wedding?
  • Will she walk down the aisle? or refuse?
  • Did I pay the phone bill?
  • Who's going to watch these kids the night before the wedding?
  • How in the world to we generate so much laundry?
  • Why didn't I put away the clean clothes before they got dumped all over the laundry room again?
  • Why did I take out summer clothes before putting away some of the winter ones? It's like something exploded in the laundry room.
  • Why is gas so darn expensive?
  • How long can I drive on empty hoping the price will go down?
  • When is this cold weather going to go away so the kids can play outside again?
  • This house is such a disaster.
  • I think I need to rent a dumpster.
  • I need to try on my dress one more time.
  • We need to find Ryan a shirt and tie for the wedding. And what about pants?
  • Jack needs something to wear too. What's he going to wear?
  • And does he even have dress shoes that fit?
  • What about Hannah?! I forgot about her. She needs a dress too.
  • Why didn't I take care of this stuff? It's not like Mark & Emily got engaged yesterday.
  • Oh yeah. Wedding present. Oh great. Oh, no. This is not good.
  • How do you grocery shop for 10 extra people?
  • What in the world are we going to eat? WHAT should I feed them?
  • Where are they goign to sleep again????


Kelly said...

I can watch your kids the night before the wedding so you and ryan can go to the outings. If you trust me... I believe I owe you.


Karen AMH said...

I can too! Kel and I will do it together... if you want! (Not that you need two people, but I'd have fun watching them)