Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Waiting for Summer

I knew the day could not get much better when I woke up to see more snow on the ground. I open the shade and cringed at the sight. It's April 9th... Shouldn't we be seeing a little more sun and a little less snow by now?

My three year old had a positive take on the freshly fallen snow, however. "Look!" She exclaimed peering out the living room window, "The snow took all the dirty away!" (After a few days of melting, the snowbanks had been left black with dirt.) So... If you want to look at the bright side of things- the snow did freshen things up a bit. And we should see a lot more of th white stuff- we are now under another storm warning starting tomorrow night for up to a foot of more snow. Unbelievable, but not really, considering where we live!

So, we had another day at home. The kids are so tired of winter and being cooped up inside. They want to go somewhere every day, but I drag my feet to get going anywhere. Yes, I would love to get out of this house as well but the thought of packing up three little ones? Sigh. It's more work than fun, for sure. So as they used my massage table for a slide today, I thought... Won't it be nice when summer arrives and I can take them to the park? I think this summer will be fun when Lydia & Jack can play at the park together. Last year, Jack was still rather young (just over one) so Lydia pretty much played by herself... I look forward to summer and hope we can hit the parks a lot. And I really hope Hannah likes the stroller or baby carrier...

I actually got to work out today! I've really been trying to eat healthy and I think I'm doing pretty good with that... Now if only I could start working out on a regular basis too. I just feel so much better when I'm concentrating on being healthy. I notice it does a lot for my mood as well- I tend to look at things in a brighter way when I'm feeling good. I'm seriously debating the idea of getting a triple jogging stroller so I can actually get out for walks with the kids... I don't know, though. I have a double right now (and a single that I picked up at a garage sale for an awesome low price of $25!!). But... That means I have to wait until my husband gets home from work to walk with me... And while that sounds nice, it would be nice to be able to get out for a walk during the days. Something to think about, but it probably won't happen!

Okay... I need to get to bed.
Bring on the snow.

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