Saturday, June 4, 2011

So, we broke down and ordered up a trampoline a few days ago because we were feeling like our postage-stamp-sized backyard was feeling a little too roomy. Between the sandbox and the clothesline and the swing set... and the faded array of random sand toys that never actually stay in the sandbox we figured we should probably really cover up a little more of our very minimal square footage back there. And, now I can just wedge my lawn chair between the back steps and the clothesline, right behind the storage barn, and listen to my always cheerful and giggling children as they are provided with endless opportune hours of fun while I sip my coffee and blissfully read my book. Whhhhaaaaaaaaaatt?   

Speaking of backyard additions- our neighbor just finished constructing an eight foot wall on the side of their deck that faces our backyard. Apparently after 7 years they finally came to the conclusion that A) we are not going anywhere anytime real soon, B) our yard (and the dirty-faced children running around it screaming at the tops of their lungs) really puts a crimp in their summer entertaining style, C) our five foot tall fence really does not hide the mess from their view (and here I so very naively thought it did...) and D) no, we're probably never going to update the exterior of our home or our windows, nor will we ever actually get around to doing any sort of landscaping- much less mowing the lawn in a timely fashion.

Actually, I was amazed it took them so long to come up with that convenient solution. Let their summer grilling season begin! I do hate to inform though- unless they've come up with a solution to drown out the sound, no matter how high you build that wall you'll never block out noise coming out of our yard on a daily basis. The added bonus for me was- now I have no clue when they're out their sitting on their deck so I can stress a lot less. Before I used to at least try to keep the monkeys resembling human beings when I knew the neighbor's were sitting twenty feet away, but now I'll never know if they are there. Perfect.

Oh well. With some hope and if it is meant to be, someday we will be out of this house and this neighborhood. If not... well then, the other neighbors just might follow the wall-builder's lead. I give them a year to catch on. Hah. Just wait till I park the trampoline in the one corner of the yard their wall won't completely, won't that just throw them for a loop...