Monday, May 4, 2015

What's With the Name of This Blog?

It has been so long, I'm not even sure I remember what I'm supposed to do here. I mean, yeah, I get the basics. Type words, hit publish. But, yikes. It took me about five minutes just to log in. It's really been that long. I even had a momentary splash of panic once I logged in and it told me "Blog cannot be found." I thought I accidently deleted the whole thing and I started to sweat a little. But alas, it was just my poor internet connection providing some small excitement in my life once again.

Lately, for some reason, I've been thinking about keeping a blog again. Looking back over some of the posts here, I realize it was an excellent way to chronicle the daily things that I assume I'll always remember, but quickly forget as soon as it passes. I've been thinking I may change over to a new blog altogether, but I figured I'd start here. Wipe off the dust, and try to get back into this. See if I still remember how.

I tried hard to think of a new title. Sometimes, I regret the name of this blog completely. Sarah's Coffee Break?! Couldn't I have been a little more original and come up with something cute and catchy? But, alas. It still remains what I do best. Take coffee breaks, that is. As if I need proof, but yet here it is:

One of my kiddos told me today she's making a "Mom Book" for me at school. "This isn't, by any chance supposed to be a surprise, is it?" I questioned, and she nodded excitedly.

"But, mom, I'm drawing a picture of your favorite thing to do- drink coffee!" she exclaimed and yes,  I might have beamed proudly. My kids are so smart. They know me so well. Little sweethearts. Then she says, "I drew a picture of you sitting in a chair with your coffee in front of a TV." Huh. Wait, what?

"I don't really even... watch TV," I pointed out nicely. And yes, a little defensively. Partly, because it's mostly true. And partly because, really? One of these years can't someone drawing a picture of me doing something half-way productive? Like, I don't know... Going for a run with a perky smile on my face? Well, yeah, ok. So, that is a little unrealistic. So maybe, at least washing clothes or doing the dishes or making supper? You know, those other things I do all day long in between drinking coffee? 

"Well, I know," she answered, "In the picture the TV is off. I just put your chair in front of it. But the TV is off." Huh. Like I said, they know me so well. I think.

It did get me thinking, though. The part about me sitting in the chair drinking coffee, that is. Maybe I do take too many coffee breaks... Does she think all I do all day is sit around drinking coffee? Wait. What if her teacher thinks all I do all day is sit around drinking coffee? And watching TV? I'm quite certain if I was an elementary school teacher Mother's Day would be my favorite day of the year to make projects for. I mean, really. The things they must see written on those cards and in those, yikes, books. I wonder... what else she filled the book with... ah well. Pictures don't lie. And apparently my blog doesn't either. Yikes again. This ain't no resume.  

So, really. Even if the name of this blog is a little un-catchy and un-cutesy, I suppose it's more than appropriate. Just had to get that out of the way. First things first. See, getting back into this is not so hard.

Thanks for reading. (Yes, I'm aware I may be talking to myself here.)