Monday, May 19, 2008

Project time!

Well... Garage saling Saturday was a success. A couple impulse buys, some clothes for my oldest, and good times. My deals-of-the-day were an old chair and a dresser- both which are in need of a facelift. (I'll post pictures... Perhaps tomorrow.) But I plan to recover/paint the chair and paint the dresser. I have to get on those projects quick, though, because there's a trailer in my yard full of stuff headed to the dump... And if I'm not careful my husband might just sneak these two latest furniture additions right in there.

We're going to be doing a bit of remodling around here in the next couple of weeks. When we moved in here, my husband so nicely built me a massage room right as you enter the house. Four years and three kids later we're getting a bit cozy in our tiny living room (There's about enough room to take one and half steps between the furninture). And since the majority of the massages I do are home visits- it seems like it would be more useful as living space than a massage room. So... The walls went up and now walls are coming down! I am a bit nervous about the whole project. I keep asking Ryan- "Are you sure upstairs isn't going to... like... cave in or something?" And he keeps assuring me that it won't. I'm not convinced. (We're taking down more walls than we put up, you see.) Anyways. I'm heading out of town when the project begins. I don't want to be anywhere near this place when the walls come tumblin' down!

It will be exciting when it's done though!- As you can see I'm already buying the furniture to fill the extra space... Will I even notice the missing walls??!

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