Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beautiful spring day!

Such a beautiful day today! The kids went outside this morning and came in after all of 2 minutes and, oh, I'd say 30 seconds. They just marched in, shed their jackets on the floor and kicked off their boots. Those 2 minutes and 30 seconds were not doing it for me so I'm standing there offering them snacks to take outside, telling them they can leave their jackets in if they want because it's so warm, anything to get them to go and enjoy the nice day. And they just shook their heads. Nothing was working. Okay. It's probably the second warmest day we've had this spring- what's wrong with them? If I were my kid I think I'd be getting as far away from this crabby, tired mom as possible! Hah!

So. After I fed them lunch, my husband came home for his lunch (sometimes this meal-thing starts to feel like an all day ordeal. Prepare food, eat food, clean up food, prepare food again for the next person or the next meal... Argh.) Anyways... He says to them, "Why don't you guys go play outside? It's so nice out there." And out they went. Just like that. Nevermind that I had been suggesting this to them all morning. I hauled out some of their outside toys from the basement and now they're happily running around the backyard. AND now that the baby's asleep, I think I'll go join them. It's much too nice of a day to think of doing anything else!

Enjoy your day!


Tina H. said...

I just had to comment on your kids going along with what dad says...Did you see what I wrote in my blog about Emma (my cuz' Sara's daughter) having a huge CRUSH on Ben? It's hilarious! She just gets this look in her eyes like, "Whatever you say Benny! You're my hero!"

Anonymous said...

this happens here all the time! What's the Dad's secret?

I've really been enjoying your blog. Just discovered it a week ago with some help from my sister.

Anonymous said...

whoops! I thought there'd be a spot that I had to type my name in..it's Tina Anderson talking.