Friday, May 16, 2008

Garage sale season has officially started... Lace up your running shoes!

Tomorrow kicks off garage sale season for me! Yay! I haven't been to any yet because the weekends have been kind of taken up but tomorrow I'm off to find some great bargains. I hope. I'm feeling like a kid on Christmas eve. Oooh! What great finds await me? What kind of junk will I haul home this year? No matter what, it's always a good time when I go with my mom & sister. Lots of laughs. (Mmega sale anyone?) In a couple of weeks I'm off to visit my other sister for a long weekend of garage saling & good times. Yep. I'm a little addicted to this stuff. Cheap therapy. So to all of you other garage salers out there- May you have great luck and find lots of useless junk. Let the hunt begin!

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Tina H. said...

Hi Sarah!
Let's not belittle the profession of garage saling....I tend to call my purchases "very important stuff----good thing I didn't pass that sale up" stuff! (Not useless stuff:)