Friday, May 2, 2008

What... just happened there?

Whew. What a day!
I shipped the older two kids off to my mom's this morning to get a start at cleaning this house. Around 9:30 my sister called and asked if I wanted help. I laughed. "No- but thanks for the offer," I told her and we hung up. The thought of someone else sorting through my piles of junk literally made me shiver.

Well, as soon as I hung up the phone the baby woke from her very short nap. Oh. So this is how today is going to go, I thought. As I'm sitting their rocking her wondering how I'm ever going to accomplish a thing, someone knocks on the door and in flies my sister with her cup of coffee in one hand, and in the other a sign that reads, Please excuse the noise & mess... The kids are making happy memories. She tells me she couldn't resist buying one for herself, my other sister, and me. Perfect. It's going up right away.

"I know you said not to come," she tells me, "But I'm here anyways." And before I know what's happening she's spinning circles around me wiping down cupboard doors, scrubbing the chairs, washing the woodwork in the entire downstairs.

I'm left stammering, "Uh- you don't have to-Oh...Well-I guess...really, you don't... I mean... if you want..." I finally let go trying to convince her she didn't have to help me clean and simply told her there was more coffee in the thermos as she began emptying out the fridge.

A few hours later, my house smelled for lemon cleaner and bleach and was sparkling. Just like that. We had buzzed through the house, she held the baby between washing the windows and attacking the toy room. So as she's leaving, there's an astonished me standing there speachless wondering what in the world just happened.

Now that was the way to clean. Thanks, sis. Amazing. I'm still somewhat speachless.

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