Monday, May 5, 2008

Princess Shoes

Doesn't every little girl need a pair of these to be a princess in? It brings back memories of Emily & I playing wedding and because her wedding is quickly approaching, I was indulging in a little reminicing over a cup of coffee this morning. We had a box of old fancy dresses and we'd raid my sister's house for silk flowers to use for bouquets. I think there's a point in most little girl's lives when the fascination with weddings is just magical. In a sense it never really changes. Weddings are such a beautiful time- more than the fancy dresses and princess shoes. Entering into a union of two, the begining of a family, a lifetime of experiences together. I love watching the bride and groom- so happy and crazy in love- with sparkling eyes and smiles that won't leave. In that day, in those moments, life is perfect and so beautiful.

Here's to getting to play "dress up" with Emily one more time this weekend. She's going to be a beautiful bride and I'm so excited and happy for her & Mark.

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