Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Little Guy!

Today was Jack's 2nd birthday- although if you ask him, he still insists he's one. He's having slight issues with this age change thing. We had the grandparents, great grandma, and my sister & her husband over for cake & coffee tonight. A "buppy" shaped cake, that is. I'm sure my husband would rather see me constructing his cakes to look like power tools or something more manly, but a puppy it was. Unfortunately the poor kid has a cold and as the evening went on, he was feeling worse and worse. His usual happy, smiley self was replaced by a tired, worn out little boy by the end of the party.

One of the gifts he got was a Jump-O-Lene... It's an inflatable bouncy-thing-a-ma-bobber. It was quite the hit (especially with the three year old). It was a near calamity when we discovered we didn't have an air pump in the house. So.. After a quick trip to the store for an attachment for the shop vac, Ryan blew it up in the kitchen. We quickly discovered that if we wanted to get from one end of the room to the other we'd have to take a detour-bounce right through the middle of the thing- it's rather large- so it was quickly rolled outside. Within minutes, Lydia discovered the easiest way to get in was to take a running start and barrel herself over the edge. And the easiest way to get out? Flip over the edge head first, of course. Who wants to bet we don't make it through the summer without a broken bone?

I'm sure the neighboorkids will really be peering through the fence tomorrow. (yes, we have a slight issue with this...) Today, when I was out raking by the back of the yard near the fence I heard some shuffling on the other side and spotted two eyes peering through the spaces between the slats. "Hey," one of the voices called to me. "Hey, the last time I was here that little girl told me to go away," the voice told me in a whiney, tattle-tale sort of way that implied he had full right to spy on us. Hm. Funny. I was begining to wish his grandmother wasn't standing ten feet away so I could tell him the same thing. No. I don't mean to be mean, really. Reeeaally. And I'm not that rude that I would seriously tell a kid this (just so you know). It's just... I don't like to feel like I'm being watched, you know? So... I did the good mom thing and told Lydia she shouldn't talk like that to people. And they continued to spy on us.

Well, I'm crossing my fingers for no rain tomorrow because I'm going to have two unhappy kids if it does. I just may be squishing the bouncy-thing-a-ma-bobber back through the doorway and into the middle of the kitchen if we do get rain.

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