Monday, May 26, 2008

Old friends are gold

Wow... It's been awhile. Tomorrow I'm off to visit my sister- I'm really looking forward to the trip. Uh... Well... Looking forward to spending time there- the actual trip could be an adventure. This will be the first time traveling with Hannah so I'm hoping she decides she really does like her carseat afterall. She has not been a baby who loves her carseat- she's such an easy baby otherwise- calm and happy much of the time- but unlike Jack, she has never been to excited to be in her carseat. She wants to be sitting up where she can see everything that's happening around her. So... It could be interesting to be in the car with her for 8+ hours. That and the fact that Lydia is so excited to go see her cousins she could barely get to sleep tonight.

Yesterday evening I got the chance to get together with some friends I don't get to see that often. We went out to eat and had an excellent time catching up with each other's lives. So much changes as we all grow up and become who we really are... There was a few minutes of our lives in which we thought we'd never go months (years?) without seeing each other. There was even one summer when one of my friends moved away and when it was time for her to come back, my other friends and I camped out on her porch steps waiting her arival... (She decided to come back the next night instead, but that's a different story.) The point is- we devoted so much of our lives to each other at one time that it wasn't conceivable to think we could spend so much time apart. And now we do go months and years without seeing each other. And I don't camp out on their porch steps anymore, but I still look forward to seeing them all the same. We all grow up, live our lives in different places, and can still connect when we do get together. Such a good thing to have old friends.

Anyways. It will be another week before I post again... And at that point school will be starting back up for me. Aaaaiiiee. Wish this three week break could last all summer, but that's life. Gotta keep moving forward.

Take care.

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Karen AMH said...

I fondly remember that evening/night on her parent's front steps. Sleeping bags, hot chocolate, candy, friends... before everyone had cell phones so we had no idea she wasn't on her way. :) What a fun memory!