Thursday, March 26, 2009

Real love

When each of my girls turned one, they received lockets from their grandparents. More recently, Lydia has taken an interest in hers- feeling pretty special when she gets to put it on.

On Sunday she was wearing it when my sister asked her whose picture was in the locket. Lydia wasn't quite sure what to answer because (whoops) I guess she really didn't know that's what lockets were for. My sister explained that the picture would need to be taken from a distance so it would be small enough to cut out and put in the locket.

Well, this afternoon as I was rushing around between clearing the supper mess and gathering my stuff for class, she told me to stop so she could take a picture of me, then she proceeded to move across the room. You're a little far away, I pointed out. She snapped the picture and answered, There, now it will fit in my locket.

She made this tired moms day.


Kelly said...

Is she ever cute! Sometimes they just know what to say to make all the frustrations of the day go away. It's amazing!

Megan Lorraine said...

They know how to melt our hearts, even at our busiest hours!

Juli said...

That IS precious!

Anonymous said...

That is just priceless!! They sure know when we need a little piece of heaven. :)