Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Under the weather

I'm growing weary of this never-ending cold/fever/bug that has wormed it's germy self into our house over here. It started with Jack a week ago- high fever, runny nose, cough, crankiness. And he still seems to be fighting it.

Now it's moved on to Lydia who seems to have only have a mild cold- but enough to slow her down. She's in denial, however, and wants to keep going despite feeling run-down. Keeps saying she's just tired because she didn't sleep well- becuase Hannah cried all night long. Hm. Hannah started crying at 7:30 this morning- waking Lydia after 12 hours of sleep, so... Not sure that's the real story, but she's convinced. We started letting her stay up a little later than the other two lately and she's so concerned that we'll make her go to bed at the "little kid's" bedtime that she refuses to admit she's tired or sick at all. Stubborn, she is.

Other than that... I'm happy to see the storm has passed (for the most part) although it still must be quite chilly outside as this old house is struggling to keep the temp up in here today. And the wind still seems to be raging. Maybe it hasn't really passed? I know better than to think winter is done... But the sun peaked through the frosted windows this afternoon and I'm hopeful for nicer weather someday soon.


Megan Lorraine said...

I'd heard you guys had a snowday yesterday! It was cold and windy down here, but we still had sunshine and blue skies all day! I think we missed the storm this time. And thats just fine by me! :) I too am ready for warmer weather though. For more than one reason!

Anonymous said...

We too are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Those bugs just linger on and multiply...kind of like the strange mold that was creeping out from under the sauna mat. Yikes! ...marne

Pete/Heidi said...

Hope the sick bug moves on from your house soon! I too am sick (but recovering)... and hoping Pete does it get it! :)