Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've been contemplating picking up knitting again. A few years ago I always had a knitting project going- loved picking it up in the evenings after the kids went to bed or during that hour right before lunchtime- that compares in length to the one right before bedtime.

But then I put it down, tucked my knitting needles and skeins of yarn away in a couple of baskets on the highest shelf in my craftroom and declared my interest in knitting had passed. Yet, I was visiting a couple of sites yesterday that sparked something inside of me and now... I'm hovering over some of my old knitting books: wondering. Imagining.

I need some projects to get me through the last (and longest, in my opinion) stretch of winter. Although we've had a lot of sun lately, the temperatures have been in the single digits. And because it's only the very begining of March, I'm preparing myself for weeks of winter before we see a change in the height of the snowbanks or listen to a forcast that doesn't call for more snow.

Also, right now- and for a week or two- I have a slight lull in schoolwork which makes me feel like shutting the books and concentrating on something that doesn't require too much brainwork. In other words, I need a distractor to help pull me through to spring, warmer weather, and the end of the school year.

There are plenty of projects/things I'd like to do... Now to decide where to start...
  • Finish living room curtains (3/5 are done- why is it so hard to get the last two completed?)
  • Visit the library and actually check out some books this time (maybe today?)
  • Sew covers for the couch pillows
  • Make some doll clothes for the girl's dolls
  • Paint a wall with chalkboard paint (I just can't decide where)
  • And, uh, maybe... Find a fast-moving, quick-gratification knitting project to get me inspired in the craft again

I don't expect to do it all in the upcoming weeks... But hopefully I'll at least pick one or two to get going on.

Clear your mind, relax, and have a calm Tuesday.

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