Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleepyheads & Sunshine

Apparently spending Friday night and most of Saturday at Grandpa & Grandma's was just a bit tiring on these two. This afternoon I went into the kitchen for some coffee, was sitting at the table just enjoying the peace and quiet (and yes, silently chowing my way through- uh, not one, but, yes two- cinnamon buns) when I decided to check what they were up to. And here's how I found them:

I had to take pictures because this is an unlikely event at this house. My kids do not willingly take naps. Jack- who still needs a nap most days- always puts up a fight and Lydia gave them up a long time ago. So, for them both to fall asleep in the living room in the middle of playing... they must have been exhausted!
The warmer temps today had me longing for some serious snow melting to take place. I regret to say, aside from going to church this morning, we did not even get out to enjoy the sunshine. I need to get our stroller out since I heard the weather is supposed to be decent this week. We all need to get out of this house, throw open the windows, freshen up the stagnent air that's lingering around here making us all feel so blah.
Let's hope for an early spring: sunshine days, warm air, evening walks...
Don't tell me I'm dreaming-I'm well aware that in April last year I was blogging about a blizzard. Let's hope for better luck this year!

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