Thursday, March 12, 2009

We're going to the moon, where are you going on vacation?

Lately there's been much fascination with the moon, the sun, and the stars from our four year old. She's full of questions, like where does the sun go at night? And, how come sometimes it's a big roundy moon and sometimes it's just a sliver moon? And then there's, what color are the stars really, mom?

And then I stumble through an answer thinking- it souldn't be this hard to answer a four year old. Uh, well, you see dear... the moon... Okay. look at it like this: when the sun shines, um. Well. Pretend this is the moon... Okay, wait. Uh... You should ask daddy that when he comes home. The stars are really pretty, though, huh?

Today she was debating what type of moon would be out tonight when she said, "Mom, maybe some day me and you and Dad and Jack and Hannah can go for a trip to the moon!" Go to the moon?!

"Well, we'd need a spaceship to get there," I told her. (Yes! One that I can finally answer without feeling like I should have just failed earth science back in school.)

She seemed to think about this for awhile, ran off to play, and later came back with more questions for her not-so-smart mom. "Who has a spaceship, Mom?"

"Astronauts." (Score! I got this one right too!)

"Oh! I know! We can just find an astronaut then and ask him to take us to the moon!"

I promise I've never warned her that I'm going to ship her to the moon, either. I don't even think that would worry her to tell you the truth- I think she'd probably ask when she was leaving and where the spaceship would pick her up, then hurry off to pack her bag.

That's this week. Next week will probably find me stammering through answers about why the leaves fall off the trees and how they grow back, but this week we're busy planning our trip to the moon.


Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Your stories are so illustrative; you are a wonderful writer.
I need to visit here more often.

I hope you are able to archive this blog for your children for many years to come.

Hope you are well. :)

Megan Lorraine said...

I always wondered if I would be as smart as my mom and dad. They always seemed to have the answers to all of our questions. So, I'm sure to Lydia your super smart! :)

Sarah said...

Jennifer- Thanks, I really enjoy your blog and beautiful pictures as well.

Megan- Good to know. : )