Monday, March 2, 2009

So, what do the cool moms do on a Monday night?

Sometimes as I sit here, trying to harness some energy from my coffee just to make it through the evening, feeling too tired to connect a string of thoughts together much less read an entire 12 page book to my kids, I wonder what the cool moms are doing.

Chances are they're doing cool mom stuff, like sipping on herbal tea and playing 25 games of candyland without a blink of an eye or a single yawn. Or whipping up fun, yet nutritious gourmet snacks like banana tangerine smoothies topped with maraschino cherries and a drizzle of chocolate topping while they sing along to every song on the wee-sing-silly songs tape, not missing a word.

It's quite likely they're not sitting in a daze, inhaling coffee- wondering if it helps elevate the caffeinne level by breathing in the fumes between sips-, and secretly counting the minutes till bedtime. Or thinking up creative ways to get the four year old to stop the baby from potentially dangerous situations by suggesting things like, "Uh-ohhh... Hannah probably shouldn't be going in the hallway... She might try to climb the steps....!" (Oh, and if you have your own four year old, this tactic works way better than actually asking them to move the baby, by the way. I realize this is only going to work for a limited time- four year olds are still eager to please. But, hey, guess what- when that one moves on, I've got another one lined up.)

The thing is- after a busy day slumped on top of five measely hours of sleep (okay, okay, this is just the best lame excuse I could think up, you got me)- I'll take my tired, lazy mom status, put my feet up, and pour another cup of coffee. And I'll probably even smirk as I think about what the cool moms are doing in all their energetic, un-laziness. (Trust me, deep down I'm just jealous).

Yesssss... fifty minutes till bedtime. Ahem, er...Uh. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to be a cool mom. Or, then again... there's always next week.

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