Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Little Things

"Friends are the angels that
lift our feet when
our own
wings have trouble
remembering how to fly."

There are moments every day, all around us- things we don't even see or always take note of- that occur at just the right moment, in just the right order, causing alignments we are only occasionally aware of. Typically these slight events go by without our recognition, passing like the breeze through a screen.

But sometimes, they're bigger than that. They take us by surprise, startle us in ways we can't explain. Sometimes that breeze through the screen stops us in our walk through life, flutters past us in an unordinary way and makes us realize: these little things are so much more than the little coincidences we sometimes pretend they are.

I had a difficult afternoon today for minor reasons that aren't really important at all. Things built up, the day wore on, and by the late afternoon hours that I was feeling worn down, tired, and frustrated. At my lowest point, I went to retrieve the mail and found a small envelope addressed to me in handwriting I'd never have difficulty recognizing: that of one of my oldest and closest friends. Inside, I found a card- so encouraging, uplifting and heartfelt. Through her words she provided me positive thoughts, happy memories, that crossed out my previous doubts of the day.

I sat down at the kitchen table and felt tears in my eyes as I thought- there's no way she could have known today I'd be having a difficult day when she mailed the card two days ago.

And I felt myself start to smile, I read the card, read it again and knew: this was one of those moments so much, much greater than a little coincidence. This was one of those moments when I was lifted by my friend's wings.


Aleena said...

Nice post, Sarah.

Juli said...

You've got to read "Expecting Adam". A true, beautiful story w/ many of these "more than coincidence" happenings. Plus you'd REALLY relate, as the mom and dad are parents going to school!

Sarah said...

You've mentioned that book before and I remember thinking I have to to look for it. I'll really have to this time! : ) Thanks!

Anna said...

Oh, how much I agree! I just did a little post about friends. Sometimes, they're all that keep you sane!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
Awe...this post brought me to tears just as the card did to you...I guess everything comes full circle! :)