Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This joke better not be on me

Disclaimer: If talk about potty training, snot, and dirty diapers makes you squeamish please read no further. If not, well then my friend, read on!

Here's a subject I would've never thought I'd openly discuss several years ago: potty training. It's right up there with the other subjects that I find so freely flowing out of my mouth possibly to the utter disgust and discomfort to those around me. Hence the disclaimer. If you're still reading, then it's your own fault now.

Hah! We're doing a test run over here this morning with Jack- he just decided he wasn't going to wear a diaper today much to my amazement. I've heard about kids doing this before. Legend has it that one morning they just wake up and decide they're going to wear undies. And just like that they're trained. I'm not, however, believing for even a second that we could get that lucky. My mind is still scarred by months of accidents that followed one first good week with the last one. And I'm wondering if I'm ready for that again.

So far no accidents... But no success either so I guess that might suggest we're treading neutral ground at the moment. The treat bag is set up, the potty chair is waiting, the funny vocabulary used to describe ordinary bodily function is being used in a high-pitched overly excited voice (by me, not him)... And the Lysol, paper towel, and carpet cleaner are lined up on the counter. Because as much as I'd like to be I'm not an optimistic potty trainer as much as I pretend to be for the trainee's sake.

I'm trying not to think of the fact that he's decided to wear undies on April fool's day. That can't be a bad sign... right?! I'm usually not superstitious like that but this is the same kid who- when it's even mildly suggested to wear undies- usually replies with a belly laugh followed by an adamant "NO undies! I wear diapers!" So you understand my skepticism then.

Oh wait. There's accident number one.

Just had to be April fools day today, didn't it?

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Megan Lorraine said...

Jenna is pretty much potty trained now! :) She just kind of decided that she was going to be pumped off of her undies again. This time she wouldn't even take them off to go to bed! So it's been about a week, and the accidents have been far and few between! :) yea! Good luck with Jack!