Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tinsel & Coat Hangers

At last, Christmas break has arrived. And I- amazingly- survived the semester. Up until this point, school has honestly not been too bad. In fact it has often been a welcome break. However, sometimes- every once and awhile- I would find I was holding my breath. Letting the little things build up, turning the little things into big things. So, by the end of this semester I realized how in need of a break I really am. Five weeks off. The longest break I've had since starting school last year. I think maybe I'll practice learning to breathe again.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. There' so much to be done... yet... I'm anticipating it- not stressing about it like I have some years. (I'm really putting an effort into this relaxing thing.) I'm making some presents this year- and all I'll say is- it's so much fun! No, really. It's amazing what one can do with the odd shaped junk-piles in one's cluttered craft room. Hah. Now you're picturing me holding up a wire coat hanger, 1/2 a ball of tangled yarn, and a strand of gold tinsel straight out of 1979 going, "Yes!! I know what I can do with this!" Hey. You never know.

So. Monday tomorrow. For the first time in awhile I will be looking forward to my Monday. I think I'll just jump right into my homeade Christmas concoctions. Goal for tomorrow? Wrap said tinsel around said coat hangers. I think I've got a pretty good start on this. It's gonna be swell.


Megan Lorraine said...

Aars will be done on Wed. He has exams this week til then.... but then we too look forward to the welcome break! Congrats to you and Ryan on another semester completed! And good luck with the projects!

Anonymous said...

Have fun making the presents! Tinsel and all. Good job on completing another semester!

amy isaacson said...

I like the new blog layout.. I wouldn't mind if some of that creative craftiness rubbed off on me, either. :o) Merry Christmas!

Aleena said...

Love the background!