Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quiet morning

Quiet, rare, morning over here today. Because I have massages to do this morning, I woke up with an alarm instead of with Hannah. And now I'm all ready to go and the only one up with me is Lydia. I really should do this more often. Mornings are such a peaceful time- if done properly. (i.e. Getting up before the kids- not getting dragged out of bed by them saying, "MOM! It's morning time! Wake up, Mo-om!")

I'm feeling content this morning. Every year it seems I get so caught up in searching for the right presents for people that Christmas sneaks right up one me and I feel as though I've hardly enjoyed the season for what it really should be. Typically, I get stressed with all the things to be done- and even more stressed that I'm letting presents stress me out. It's a bad, bad cycle. I'm learning to do things differently this year. I kept the shopping minimal this year- and did some online- and what a difference it makes. (Duh.)

My one trip to the stores had me running for cover. I was pushing my cart slowly down the aisle in one over-crowded store the day after Thanksgiving when I noticed a woman up ahead talking to friends. Her back was to me so I was watching her cautiously in case she should decide to step backwards. Of course, right as I was directly behind her she did just that and stepped backwards- right into the front of my cart. Naturally, I appologized. Yet, she turned around and gave me an awful glare as if I had been tearing down the asile like a mad-woman with my only goal to run her down. Later, standing in line, some guys behind me had decided they were somehow elite and able to skip to the front of the line. No one said anything to them and they thought they were pretty smart. People like that scare me more than anything: so focused on being first, getting the best.

This year- I'm enjoying December. Enjoying keeping old traditions and starting new ones. Appreciating how blessed we are. It's much better this way. I hope you too are staying calm (and sane) and remembering the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Have a wondeful Tuesday.

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