Monday, November 24, 2008

For my not-so-little little girl

Today, Lydia turned four years old. (But, according to her she won't be four until tomorrow. Her party is tomorrow.) And, yes, she's having a party. Just a little one with three of her cousins, but in her mind it's the biggest bash of the year. She's been planning it since May when she went to one of her cousin's birthday parties. And... Part of me was thinking- she's too young for a party. She can wait till she's in school. And then I realized that life is way too short not to celebrate things like birthday parties. A fun afternoon with her cousins? What could be better.

At 4, Lydia is energy. She loves to run. Runs laps around the couch endlessly- instructing me to cheer, of course. Wakes up early, always asks where we're going today.

She can be a good helper- watches out for her little sister with such care, but has enough spunk in her for the three of them combined.

And she's drama. Lately she loves everything. Everyone. Every toy. Just loves them.

She is imagination. And I, of course, am fascinated how everything comes to life with her.

She is my cheerleader. It all started around the time of Mark & Emily's wedding. She was a flower girl and was swinging her little bouquet around when one of the heads fell off the tulip. It's okay, she quickly assured us, don't worry about it. And that's what she always tells me when something goes wrong- don't worry about it, mom. It will be fine. And, how true that is.

She is understanding. She loves her cousin Travis and wants him to stay for her birthday... Yet, when it's time for him to leave she yells from the kitchen, "See-ya, Travis!" then runs in the living room to play.

She is short tempered (like her mom), and determined (like her dad).

She is the first to remind me she's not little. Jack's little, Hannah's little, but she most definetly is not little. She's a big girl, the big sister, but to me... she will always be my little girl.

Happy Birthday, Lydia.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lydia!! Hope it is a good one! (Hard to believe how fast time goes and how big they think they are)

Cami said...

Happy birthday to your "big" little girl, Lydia! : )

Megan Lorraine said...

Jenna and Travis say Happy Birthday to Lydia too!

Juliana said...

You'll have to print this off for her babybook! -Juli
Wed. afternoon Megs is coming for a visit, if you have nothing going on, come on by!

Karen AMH said...

Happy Belated to Lydia :) and happy four years of being a mom to you!!