Saturday, December 13, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • I think I have found the cure for freezing cold feet. Seriuosly. Right now, my feet are sighing a sigh of pure content as they are shoved inside my mammoth crocs. These sweet things were an early birthday present and I can tell they will getting hours of use during this chilly winter. I'm kind of like a little kid with a new toy today.
  • I'm feeling like I might be starting to maybe, uh, fall behind. Ahem. I was being so calm and relaxed this past week- trying out my new "doesn't really matter attitude". I think I took that relaxation a little far because I'm just ever so slightly coming to realize my list of things to do has not gotten any shorter this week.
  • My Christmas cards are still sitting in a pile atop the cabinet in the living room. Still unsigned. Still unadressed. Will they make it out before Christmas? It remains to be seen.
  • Speaking of Christmas cards- I love getting the mail this time of year and seeing how everyone's families are growing, changing, adding on. But, I'm slightly overwhelemed becuase it seems it is no longer acceptable to have one decent picture. It now appears that you need two or three or four??! In other respects- I did follow suit and do a collage card- and spent way too much time finding the pictures for it, I might add.
  • The baby is teething... And that pretty much sums up that one.

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