Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been tagged.

Okay. Six things about me that you might not know?

1) I hide things under my couches and in clothes baskets when people are coming to visit. That's not all. Dirty dishes? In the stove. Dirty clothes? In the toybox. It's almost a game trying to figure out where I can stash stuff in a moment's notice.

2) I require just the right amount of half-n-half in my coffee. Too much is disguisting because it gets all cold, too little is blah. And my coffee needs to be steaming hot. Sometimes I pour my coffee from the pot into my cup and put it directly in the microwave to heat it up.

3) I never, ever, ever, ever remember people's birthdays. I hate it. It's like an illness. I always remember the next day, or a week later, or whenever. Never remember to get a card in the mail on time, never remember to call. Oh, and presents? I've been known to finally deliver them months after the fact. And then when poeple remember mine I feel really, really guilty.

4) I'm not a morning person. I function best at about 11 p.m. That's when I like to work on projects, write, whatever. Mornings are really bright and loud (perhaps directly related to the fact that I stay up way too late.)

5) My favorite place in the world is my parent's camp. There's kids running everywhere, sand on the floors, a fire in the sauna stove, and blueberry pie in the kitchen. And who could possibly need more?

6) I love duct tape and hot glue. Amazing products. Yes, my sisters taught me well.

So. Now I have to tag six people to blog about six things people may not know about you. (Sorry if you've already been tagged somewhere else.) I'm going to tag: Karen, Megan, Tina, Heidi, Aleena, and Becky S. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah~ I've always said the same about Pete, he comes alive for the day at 11:00 p.m. You must be related. He would do best on night shift. Right now, I'm longing for the summer days at the camp. The sunshine, dipping in the lake especially after sauna, and just the hot, fun Sunday's spent there.(and of course the blueberry fields, I can't forget about) Hopefully winter passes us by FAST. Have a great one. And Congratulations to both of you on another Semester Done. Way to go!!!

Amy L said...

Hey, I use the clothes basket also - usually to empty the contents of the ever growing pile that is my kitchen counter. I can clean it off and it is back with in a day.
I am a night owl too, I get my best work done after 10pm and sometimes that lasts until 2am. No wonder I like when my days start after 8am - well maybe 8:30 is better. My little kids climb in and cuddle with me every morning, because I go back to sleep after the boys get on the bus. They have learned that they get the best response if they gradually get me out of bed!!

Cami said...

I'm not very good at remembering people's birthday's either! I make a new year's resolution every year to get better at I do good until about June/July and then I forget for the rest of the year. lol. hey, half a year worth of remembering isn't so bad right?!

Megan Lorraine said...

I hide things in the stove as well. Except now I make sure I never put plastic in there because after one "cleaning episode" I forgot about the dishes I had "cleaned" and turned on the oven.... I think the rest is pretty much a given. :S

Sarah said...

Tanya- Thanks- and yes, a sunny Sunday at the camp would be perfect right about now!

Amy- My kids are catching on as well. Lydia usually wakes me up and then climbs in my bed to look at books while I try to catch a few more minutes of sleep.

Cami- I'm the same way. Only it usually only lasts a month or two for me each year. Therefore, the people from about March through December have probably never received a card/present on time.

Megan- Yes, that could get hazardous!