Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The heat ran today and it's almost the middle July.

It is cold out there tonight! I half expect snowflakes to start falling and to wake up to the snow plow rumbling by in the morning! For myself I guess I don't mind that it's not 90 outside because that would make school that much harder... But for everyone else- my kids included- I'm feeling like this summer is really going to be a chilly one and that stinks. The kids put their sweatshirts and jackets on this morning and stood out on the back porch grimacing as the wind whipped through them. Then turned around and came back in without even taking a step into the yard. It had to be cold becuase usually they are not detered by anything. Looks like we shouldn't have put the winter jackets away this year.

See over there on the right? In my profile, there? You know that tearing-out-of-the-hair thing I was talking about? It's starting to happen already. I won't sit and complain, but I'm really wondering how I'm going to make it through these summer classes. There is a LOT of information in an extremely short amount of time. I came home from class feeling as though I had been told to learn a foreign language and come back next week to find out how much I don't know.

And... Kind of funny, but you know that saying "If you build it, they will come"? Not true. If you tear it down they will come. Tear down the massage room and the calls suddenly increase. (Which is a good thing, I must add.) Plan was to just do home visits... Well... Didn't really think about what happens when it doesn't work out to go their home. Hm. Well, then.

So tomorrow I need to start organizing/rearranging this house. I feel like I've been in a fog for the last week studying for tests. Housecleaning has definetly taken the back burner. Well, I'm not studying tomorrow. No matter how much I need to know for next Wednesday... tomorrow I make a nice, big pot of coffee and tear through this house. I have so much frustration built up from my classes that it will be a good way to put all that steam to use.

And, oh yeah... Exciting news. We have air in our van now. Looks like I'll have ample opportunity to try that out, huh?


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about school... I just started this summer too. I have A&P 1 right now and we are doing 9 chapters in 7 weeks. AHHHHHHH!!! With a 3 year old at home. I never knew it would be this hard!

Sarah said...

Are you going for nursing as well? Up until this semester it's been pretty easy... But these fast summer courses are HARD- like you said. Like today- trying to study and it's too cold for the kids to be outside so... every few minutes it's, "MOM!!!!" Someone always needs something! Good luck with your schooling!