Friday, June 20, 2008

Just be still

Well, now.
I did it.
I tried to cram so much into a single week- didn't listen when my body told me to slow down- and wound up with a terrific summer cold. Yay. Scratchy throat, stuffed-up-congested head and all.
AND... it's a georgeous day to be outside enjoying the weather. Only... All I really feel like doing is crawling back into bed and staying there for the day. Or a week... (Hey... I can dream can't I?)

Awww... The thing is- when we know we are overworking ourselves... when we feel like we can't take on anything else- and then we do- this is what happens. It's an inevitiable response from our body saying, "You're so dumb! Stop and listen to the signals! YOU. CAN'T. DO. IT. ALL. Okay- you're not going to listen? Then, I'll show you how to listen. I'll make you sick if that's what it takes to slow you down." And then... why is it still so hard to listen? I'm pretty sure you can all relate at one point or another in your lives.

So... My advice for today? Slow down. Sit down. Relax. Enjoy the summer sunshine. Read with your feet up, a glass of ice water with lemon, and breathe. Don't cook supper. Cheat- and have an easy meal like sandwhiches, instead. Let your kids wear the same clothes as they did yesterday and realize- they are going to get dirty- that's what kids do. That's what makes them healthy, spirited, kids.

It's summer- make things easier on yourselves and be gentle with you. Stop rushing around thinking everything has to be done RIGHT now.

Because when you look back, you're not going to remember your house perfectly clean or your laundry all done. You're not going to think, "I remember on June 20th I completed my entire to-do list." What you will remember is that time you hauled out the sprinkler for the kids- how excited it made them to run through it on a hot afternoon. The time you sat down, kicked off your shoes and played in the sandbox with them- how happy they were that you would slow down and join them in their play. Those are the things that are important.

Learn to say "No" to others more- and "yes" to your kids more. You'll find yourself more relaxed, more able to enjoy life, and less worried about everything that didn't get done. And you'll stay healthy. Because what good is a mom who has worn herself to the bone and is sick and tired and finds hereslf always declaring, "I just can't do this anymore." It's true- you can't. So instead- listen to that inner nagging voice that tells you you're doing to much and find ways to make life easier, slower-paced, gentler. I know with kids this can be difficult- I'm there. But that's when it's most important to realize you don't have to fly helter-skelter-at-break-neck-speed 99.9% of the time.

These are the most precious moments of your life. Right now. Not tomorrow's "must-dos" or yesterday's "should-haves". Right now, today, is what is important.

Go enjoy your life.

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