Thursday, June 5, 2008

Funny mixed up phrases

After spending part of last week at my sister's house, my daughter came home with some new phrases that she learned from the older kids. It's rather funny because she's the oldest around here and so most of what we hear her saying came from one of us. But... being around her older cousins she picked up all kinds of good stuff. I've been rather amused. Here's my favorite one so far:

Today Lydia & Jack were playing in her room and I was down the hall folding clothes (ahem. I just had to add that in there to make it seem like I was being really efficeint and getting all caught up on my laundry and stuff. That line does paint a nice cozy picture, now doesn't it?) Anyways I heard her saying, "You missed me, missed me, missed me! Now you have to come give me a kiss!"

I also learned today that Jack calls Lydia simply "A". Forget the first two syllables. It surprised me that I hadn't caught on to this before, but he was looking for her this afternoon- going from room to room saying, "A? A?" He's learning more and more words every day but I guess "Lydia" is a little complicated.

Wow. We're getting some awesome thunder outside right now. Wish it was a bit warmer, I'd go sit in the front porch and watch the storm. Not that there's actually room to sit in the front porch right now due to some rather bulky garage sale finds... but maybe I'd just go out there and lean against one of the piles for a bit and admire the storm. I always love a good summer storm- the smell of the rain radiating off the blacktop, the thunder that rolls across the sky, cracking right above you... The flashes of lightening that make the midnight world look like noon for an instant. But it's late and I'm cold and my head is pounding... So instead this complainer is going to bed.

Take care.

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