Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do you ever get the feeling you're talking to a wall?

Ahhhhh! Talking to a three year old, eh? Today Lydia was really into responding to everything I said with "Huh?" or "What?" She'd say it practically before I got done saying whatever it was I was telling her:

"Lydia, will you please-"
"Please go check if you hear Hannah crying."
"Please. GO. Listen. FOR HANNAH."

Finally I told her, "I want you to stop saying 'what?' everytime I say something."
And how does she respond?: "What?"

Now... I know that she can hear me perfectly fine. It's not an issue of hearing- it's an issue of let's-play-a-little-game-here-and-see-how-annoyed-we-can-make-mom. It's working. It gets extremely annoying by 4 in the afternoon as I'm trying to get supper cooked.

Anyways. It was a beautiful day today! I took a break from everything and spent the day outside. Hannah had one of her sleepy days (Slept in till 11 a.m., back for a nap at 1... slept till about 4 p.m.) I dug up the "garden" in the backyard and let the kids scatter some seeds in there this morning then gave them instructions not to walk in there so we can let the flowers grow. Haha! I also mentioned that we needed to remember to water it daily so I'm sure the thing is going to get adequate amounts of water... I think the seeds were already floating away. And- about 15 minutes later I saw Jack trudging across the backyard with the shovel in tow so I'm now quite certain we are going to have "gardens" all over our backyard. I guess I'll just have to go get some more seeds as well, right?

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