Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Hey, MOM... got a plan?"

Lydia asked me this today while watching me run around trying to pack/wash clothes/get supper made/get my things together for class. I guess I must have looked like I needed a better plan than the "run-around-the-house-gathering-anything-I-see-fit" plan that I was working with. Hm. And here I thought that was working out so well. Takes a three year old to point it out that trying to accomplish several things at once only ensures that you will forget half of what you were supposed to do in the first place. Multi-tasking should be outlawed.

But for the next week or so... the plan is oh-so-simple:
Go to camp.
Sit on beach.
Have bonfire.
Cook hotdogs.
Chase kids. (I can't get too dreamy here. Reality is unescapable, afterall.)
Take sauna.
Chump in da lake.

Oh! I'm going to post those before and after pictures of our living room that I promised... As a new post.

Okay. I'll just go do that then.

Have a great week!

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