Monday, January 19, 2009

You ain't seen nothin' yet

Said the wickedly tired Mom to her sleep-deprived four-year old who had just determined this "wasn't a very good day."

To be fair, we all had a day that started insanely early. Interpertation: clinicals have begun again. I made it through the day without any serious complications (let it be known- I always have this crazy fear that I'm going to make some off-the-wall, elementary mistake at clinicals. I have this vision of my instructer looking at me, eyes wide with complete disbeif saying, "You need to leave. Now.") Irrational, I want to think yes.

Anyways, it usually turns out a lot better than I imagine to be, but either way- I enjoy nothing more than to come home, make some coffee, and put my feet up. But today... ahh, today...

It all began when we arrived home and I fell out of the van on top of Lydia while trying to lift Jack out. She wasn't hurt, but had you been on the next block you might've heard such wailing you would've thought something was seriously wrong. The snow out there today is complete cotton fluff- so we all went down with a huge poof of snow- a jumbled mess of arms and legs like a game of twister gone bad. When I determined that I, thankfully, hadn't broken anyone's bones , I had to bite my lip trying hard not to laugh. (Imagine explaining that one to the doctor, "Uh. Yeah, I fell on them.") Anyways. There I was dusting them off while they screamed about the snow that was all over their faces, in their boots, on their hands, while I attempted to throw in a quick lesson, "See? This is why we wear mittens, Jack." Like it was his fault I leaped out of the van with him and landed on his sister, therfore depositing him face first in the pile of snow beneath us.

And from there, all hopes of a relaxing evening while Ryan was at class went down the garbage disposal. I hadn't even gotten inside when Jack (who- did I mention hadn't napped?) began crying for his four-wheeler that his mean parents hid in the basement in attempt to clear away some of the toys. He had just seen a four-wheeler exactly like his at his cousin's house and was not giving in until I found the thing. So, I did hoping it would keep him entertained. And I hauled up the Big Red Car (kind of like a cozy coupe without the top) while I was at it. In hindsight, and putting it mildly, this was my second huge mistake of the afternoon. There they were, bumper-t0-bumper like there was no where else to drive the things but right on top of one another. And if you don't find the problem in this, just imagine how you feel when someone tailgates you. On icy roads. In the middle of a blizzard. It wasn't pretty.

So, that brings me to our dinner of bagels and noodles (you'd think we were running a marathon or somthing the way we were busy carbo-loading) and Lydia's final decision that this day was a sinking ship. It's a bit of an understatement to say coming home was a major letdown for them after a fun morning/afternoon at my sister's house and then my sister-in-law's.

Ah, well. Better luck tomorrow, I say. And seeing as they both crashed by 6:30 this evening... I'm not putting a lot of money on that one.


Karen AMH said...

I love the part about the mittens :)
Hope Tuesday was better!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Sarah! I can picture trying to hold the laughter. I hope your Tuesday started out on a better note.

Becky said...

You put it so well Sarah...the mittens part.

Anna said...

Ah, those days you could just stick your head in the blankets and say, "get me when it's spring..."

Your feelings about clinicals put me right back in there...the dread of doing something stupid with others watching like hawks. When you can't even remember the steps to tie your shoes, much less nursing things. Ug. Can't say I miss it in the least. But, like everyone always says, it'll be over in no time:)

Sarah said...

Karen & Christy- Tuesday was definetly an improvement, thanks. : )
Becky- I really don't understand this kid- he seriously hates wearing mittens.
Anna- Exactly. I love how you put it about feeling like you "can't remember the steps to tie your shoes, much less nursing things." That is how I feel so much of the time when I'm there! I didn't even realize you were a nurse until I saw your blog a few months back. What type of healthcare setting do you work in?

Anna said...

Right now I'm in homecare. I worked for the same agency as an aide while I was going to school, and they offered me a RN job once I got done (just last spring). It's ok...for now. Definitely on the lookout for something in a hospital! I just keep telling myself that in this economy, a job's a job:)