Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Hang ON

Yesterday, the quote on my page-a-day calander was from Thomas Jefferson and read, "When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." Those words- however silly they may be- have paraded through my mind a million times since I read them. I'm quite certain if I could have put a title on this week, it might have been this quote.

We're all adjusting to yet another new schedule over here and it's been a bit bumpy this week. Lots of tantrums, odd sleep schedules, and plenty of little frustrations. My knot is tied, my hands are calloused, but I'm clinging tightly.

So, it would be realistic for me to say I was expecting the worst when early this afternoon, I could hear periodic thuds, loud crashes, and a good amount of running around coming from upstairs. I let them continue- simply because I was too exhausted to put an end to whatever was going on. One more thing? Bring it on. They could have been tearing the wall down between their rooms and painting the floors purple and I might have just shrugged and said, "Huh. You guys aren't eating that plaster, are you?"

Well, after some time, I trudged up the stairs fully expecting the worst. And when I stepped into the hallway between their bedrooms, I was astounded. They had cleaned up their bedrooms. Everything. Cleaned up, put away, picked up. I'll admit, my first response was to be confused and even a bit worried, but after that- I was estatic!

It was exactly what I needed today.

So, tie your knot, get a good grip, and hang on tightly- nothing lasts forever.


Aleena said...

That was a nice surprise!

Anna said...

Wow. Talk about the kiddo's pulling through for mom's sanity at the last minute, hey?

Kelly said...

That would be nice! Loud noises from upstairs around here have yet to be a good thing. I love reading your blog for inspiration that I CAN make it through the rough patches because their is a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long the tunnel may sometimes seem.
By the way, we should get together one of these days eh?

Sarah said...

Yes, we need to get together again! I'm in need of a night out.

Karen AMH said...

I'm in!!!
Sarah - everytime I check your blog you have a different background. I'm loving this one!

Sarah said...

Ah, yeah, I have a difficult time making a decision, hence the ever-changing background. I go months without changing it then I go crazy.