Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can't get enough of this stuff

In places, the lovely mounds of snow go right over the top of our five foot fence. We're hoping for a new backyard record. Maybe by February the fence will be invisible. Yessss! We're all crossing our fingers.

Okay, yeah, so I'm kneeling to make the snowbank seem even higher than it is. But even when I stand it's well over my head. It makes trying to get out of the driveway really fun. Our neighboor hasn't been around this winter so we've taken the liberty of pushing our snow in his driveway. Huh. Maybe he's stuck inside his house. Actually, one afternoon he was here because we found that he shoveled his roof off- right into our driveway. Judging by the heap we've created in his driveway, I don't think we're allowed to get mad about that, though.

I'm not sure we'll ever dig ourselves out.

We've taken to swimming through the snow. Just open the door, jump off the porch and flap your arms and legs real fast. Seems to work well, I think. Better than shoveling.

Well, yeah, I admit... Every once and awhile I do make Ryan and the kids bundle up in their snow stuff and shovel the drive while I wave from the window with the baby. Here's another job well done. Hey, preparing the hot chocolate is hard work too you know.


Karen AMH said...

Sweet snow pictures! I keep thinking I need to take some -- it sure is a LOT this year.

Anonymous said...

Those babies are perfect for these kind of events, hey? I do the same thing. We chose to do an ice rink that has to be shoveled THIS YEAR of all years. I just heard that we have had a total of 6 days with no new snow since the middle of Nov. So shovel away we, or they, do. ~Brita

Aleena said...

I do not miss living in the UP this time of year, I definitely prefer our mild winters here!

Anonymous said...

Love the dry humor:) Yeah, I find myself thinking...Finn up. But our CC summers make it ALL worth it.

Anonymous said...

drive myself nuts when I forget my name...Juli