Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back on track

One whirlwind ends, and the next begins. This week I was consumed with getting things ready for my neice's baby shower that was Saturday. As soon as I heard they were coming to town, I went into fly mode and I don't feel like I've stopped since. I actually really enjoyed hosting a shower here because it gave me the push I needed to make some tracks around here. And after the Christmas season, it was exactly what this house needed.

All went well with the shower- she wasn't suspecting it and that was fun. We all squashed into my house, had some good food, oohed and ahhed over all the sweet baby stuff, and when all the guests had left we spent the rest of the afternoon visiting and looking over the presents she received. Such fun.

And now tomorrow a new semester begins. The final one of the LPN program. I have mixed feelings about vacation ending- as I always do. I could really enjoy this for a few more weeks, no complaints. Yet... I know once this semester begins it will sail by like the rest have and in a flash, we will be done. Now that is a good thought.

The snow has continued to fall at an alarming pace in this neck of the woods. It. Never. Never. Never. Stops. But I'm handing it this year. I was not anticipating winter in any respects this year. I was dreading the snow, hating the thought of trying to get anywhere in the heaps and piles of white stuff. I was feeling claustrophobic and and closed in before it even began. But suprisingly, it's not been like that. Maybe my break from school came at a really good time. Or maybe I'm just finding that this winter I really don't mind being home. In fact, I'll venture so far as to say- I actually enjoy being cooped up at home. Of course, we all need our moments away but it's nice to be able to realize: home is a really good place to be.

So, I wind up this vacation with a smile. I loved the Christmas get-to-gethers, the visits with friends, the parties, the staying up late and the sleeping in when my husband was home, the projects, the books that had nothing to do with school... Again, I'm amazed at how fast time goes- but if it didn't, then we wouldn't really be living would we?

My wishes for the New Year may be a bit overdue as we're already well on our way into 2009... But I hope for all of you that this year is a good one for you. That struggles are few, and happy times are plentiful, and moments with family and friends are cherished.

And on that note- I get to be a great auntie this year. How exciting is that?


Anna said...

GREAT-auntie?!?! Wow. That is exciting! And here I am, a mom, but yet to get to be an auntie. Huh, life sure is funny.

Anonymous said...

I guess that makes me one too! (A great auntie, that is) That was a cute, fun shower. How exciting for them to go back home with all this fun stuff and look at it again and again until this baby comes.