Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's, Um...Fictitious Scenario

Let's set up a hypothetical situation here for a moment, shall we?

Let's pretend for a minute that you are really scatterbrained and disorganized. You space out easily and your mind wanders so often that you frequently find yourself contemplating if something you dreamed up really happened. Sometimes you even go so far as to ask someone (sheepishly) if an event really happened or if you dreamed it up. And when they look at you oddly you quickly cover up with a laugh and say, "I'm kidding. Duh-uh. Not like I don't know." And then you slink away more confused than ever.

You've been known to lose your keys for weeks at a time. You think balancing your checkbook is a waste of time. Your idea of a filing system is an empty Huggie's box and wal-mart bags.

You also have this really bad habit of not putting things in their right place. A minor character flaw, you say. While searching for something you've lost, (which happens on an average of 3 to 5 days for any given week) it is not unusual for you to be seen stalking around your house, muttering random phrases like, "Oh. Yeah, this is just greaaat," and, "Never again. Never. Again," while your husband shakes his head and smirks because he's given up hope that you might ever truly see the error of your ways.

Now, some uncaring, insensitive people might go so far as to call your problem pathetic, but you've never really seen it as that. Your favorite excuse for your so-called ailment is the phrase, "I just have better things on my mind," even though you're well aware this is just a simple mask to hide yourself behind. Still, you use terms such as "creative" rather than "spacey", or "organizationally challanged" rather than "messy".

Are you into character yet? Okay, well then, bearing all that in mind... Let's just say that you received a very, very important document in the mail that is very, very difficult to get copies of several (uh, like 9 or 10. or 11) months ago. And, being the non-efficient, better-things-to-do person you are, you opted out of filing this thing in the very, very important documents file with the rest of your very, very important stuff.


Now. Where is the first place- or last, however you choose to look at it- you might look?

My daughter says, "I know what coulda happened to it, Mom! Maybe it growed footses and lost itself!" (Not saying that this situation really, uh, happened or something, but... you know.. um, if it did, I'm saying.)



Pete/Heidi said...

Hope you find this very very important document! Those things seem to hide better than the rest of the useless mail nonsense! Heidi

Karen AMH said...

welllll... think of where you might've put it to be in a safe spot from all of the construction last summer... maybe?

Jan said...

I don't know you, but honestly, I would swear your preggo...: ) unless, of course, you've always been like this... I like your filing system!

We've blamed a lot of lost stuff on the twins throwing it in the garbage in the last year! What will we do when they're past that stage??

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, how about your computer room, and if it's anything like mine, it could be anywhere in the piles and piles of paperwork. This room has everything in it. When company is coming, EVERYTHING goes in the computer room and the door gets shut. When I'm "cleaning" things get put in the computer room "for right now". Do you have one of these rooms? Maybe a sewing room if your like your "older" sister. Just a couple ideas. Good luck. I know what it feels like. Nothing is more frustrating. Especially cuz you know it's your own fault. I'm assuming that anyways. Hope you find it.~Tanya

Sarah said...

I do have an everything room in my house... and yes, it's that place that everything seems to get shoved till I have time to "deal with it later". But I did find what I was looking for... Ironically it was in a pile of papers that I kept coming back to- but managed to look through two times before I found it on the third. Still not quite sure how that's possible, but, hey- at least I can stop fearing that it got tossed. And as an added bonus I found a twenty dollar bill in the shred box. (Maybe some things I should just not admit...) Oh, and just so no rumors get started from this- I'm not pregnant- this is just me on a regular basis. Although... when I am pregnant it is a very good excuse. : )

Anonymous said...

Same checkbook, same filing system, same excuse. Glad to know I can now use "creative" and "better things to do" without guilt. :) marne