Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Haven't gone MIA. Yet.

Really, I'm still here. Just haven't posted for awhile because life is catching up with me at the moment. Or I'm trying to catch up with life? End of the semester rolling in, tests, final clinicals, a craft show this weekend, and a slight addiction to watching eBay auctions (and losing because I have this idea that I'm somehow entitled to this awesome deal on bitty baby twins).

And, in case you live in some sort of bubble and are not aware- or you live somewhere where the temperature never goes below 65 (in which case I'd gladly trade places with you), the snow is here to stay. It's a mixture of feelings for me. Pretty, yes. A pain, no-kidding.

It's well into the morning and there's way too much to get done today. And something loud just crashed upstairs. Ah, Tuesday.

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